Who Said School is Out For Summer?

While school may be out for Iowa's children, school's IN for teachers!

More than 1,000 educators across Iowa will participate in graduate professional development course work at UNI this summer. UNI's Continuing and Distance Education programs help teachers learn to integrate and use the latest technology trends in a wide variety of topics, ranging from audio engineering, and integrating literacy and geography.

“Technology is incorporating itself a lot into instruction, so I'm taking classes like this to make sure I'm keeping up with everything that's changing. This workshop has been good because they talk about the topics that are the leading edge in incorporating technology into geography and geographic information systems,” said Jeff Firsching, who participated in the Digital Earth Workshop, which focuses on integrating mapping technologies into social science and STEM.

UNI Continuing and Distance Education offers students a variety of professional development courses and workshops as well as 30+ degrees and endorsement programs. Through the several programs, courses, workshops and guided independent study, students are not only able to expand their education appropriately, but return to their classrooms offering Iowa's youth an exceptional education. Whether Iowa's teachers are attending these course on campus or off campus, their learning enables them to better prepare their students.

Continuing and Distance Education focuses on providing programs that appeal to students interested in educational experiences that differ from the norm. Classes this summer include Writing to Learn in Social Studies, Coaching as/for Reflective Practice, and Creativity and Counseling. These are just a few summer courses that teachers all over Iowa are enrolling in to ensure their students achieve a successful and engaging education.

To find out more about why school's “IN” with UNI, check out the program website!

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