What can you do with an undergraduate degree from UNI... anything!


UNI Majors Employed By Various Industry Sectors

Jobs today do not necessarily require a single, specific degree. Rather, job function and future earning potential are based on skill sets that are learned during the program of study and not simply on degree completion. To ensure students are prepared for wherever their career path may lead them, UNI develops and enhances skill sets regardless of major. In fact, the majority of employers who post positions at UNI, attend UNI's career fairs and conduct on-campus interviews recruit for ALL UNI majors. These skills that Iowa employers actively seek include critical thinking and problem solving, leadership, communication (written and oral), time management, teamwork and collaboration, digital technology, professionalism and work ethic, and global and intercultural fluency.

The skills gained by UNI students in the classroom are fine-tuned with a comprehensive career readiness and student engagement road map. This road map encourages students to take part in at least two leadership experiences and at least two pre-professional experiences before graduating. The majority of students take advantage of the many opportunities available on campus, in the Cedar Valley and the state to gain the leadership and pre-professional experiences. In fact, 74% of UNI students participate in student organizations and community service, and 70% of UNI students graduate with related experience through internships, field experiences and student teaching.

UNI is dedicated to preparing students to be successful in whatever career path they choose.