UNI's commitment to students doesn't stop

University of Northern Iowa Students

UNI is dedicated to student success and works hard to ensure all students complete their degree. While UNI's retention rate is 10 percent higher than our peer institutions, sometimes students need to take a break and step away from their studies before graduation. Since 2000, UNI has been proactively reaching out to students to identify a pathway for them to complete their degree.

Taking its proactive reach a bit further, in 2015 UNI launched the Potential Completers Initiative. This program is aimed at assisting former students who were within one semester to one year of graduating with a degree from UNI, but did not finish their program. UNI reaches out to these students and assigns a personal adviser or record analyst to assist them by outlining steps needed to complete their degree. Since its launch, nearly 50% of the students contacted as part of the 2015 initiative have completed their degree.

While UNI is continuing and expanding the Potential Completers Program, it works hard to ensure programs and services are in place so students are able to complete their degree. These support services and programs include the award winning Peer Mentors program, Academic Learning Center and student success coaching. Ensuring students complete their degree is a focus for faculty and staff.