UNI v ISU: Rivalry on the Field, Collaboration in the Classroom and Beyond

This weekend, the UNI Panthers will battle the ISU Cyclones at Jack Trice Stadium. While the rivalry may be fierce on the field, off the field Panthers and Cyclones collaborate. UNI and ISU developed a 3+2 physics and engineering degree option. This program enables a student to spend three years at UNI before transferring to ISU for their final two years. The student will graduate with a bachelor of science degree in physics from UNI and a bachelor of science degree in engineering from Iowa State.

The dual degree combines the skills in analysis and computation acquired in the study of physics with the practical knowledge and experience characteristic of an engineer. The wide range of skills and abilities acquired in this dual-degree program make for a highly flexible worker with the capacity to model, calculate, code, design and build. These are precisely the skills needed to succeed in an industrial workplace where technology changes rapidly. “This is an example of the very high level of collaboration and cooperation between UNI and ISU,” said UNI Provost Jim Wohlpart. “The faculty initiated this conversation and have worked together to create this opportunity.”

However, collaboration is not just limited to the classroom. UNI department and staff across campus, including those in Procurement, Risk Management, Facilities Planning and Motor Pool, meet quarterly with their counterparts at Iowa State and University of Iowa. They share best practices and discuss opportunities and ways to improve and develop new efficiencies.

In fact, this fall the three institutions presented their collaborative efforts at the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) meeting in Minneapolis. NACUBO represents over 2,100 colleges and universities across the country and works to advance the economic viability, business practices and support for higher education institutions in fulfillment of their missions.

So, whoever the winner of this year's UNI vs. ISU game, the real winner is the State of Iowa.

University of Northern Iowa