UNI summer camps enrich both children and the UNI students who help them

Summer camp participants


UNI summer camps enrich both children and the UNI students who help them


Whether your child is in elementary school, middle school or high school, UNI offers a variety of camps that are designed to keep kids engaged both physically and mentally throughout the summer. These camps range from athletics to theatre and robotics to fashion. UNI STEM Camps provide Iowa youth with exciting and fun opportunities to expand their science, technology, engineering and mathematics knowledge and skills while making new friends.


Elementary students can learn about Iowa’s tallgrass prairie story. Students get to visit UNI’s prairie preserves to learn about the plants and animals that live on the prairie, its importance to our state and ways to care for it. Campers will utilize a variety of techniques to explore their learning, including putting on a puppet show at the end of the week.


Fifth through eighth grade students are given a chance to be introduced to robotics. Campers will work in pairs to design and build Lego EV3 robots. Team members will work together programming their robots to solve a variety of simulated problems. This camp will build programming, design and problem-solving skills in an exciting and fun environment.


Students entering seventh grade through 10th grade can combine fashion and STEM. Students will get to create their own apparel design and print it out onto actual fabric using the campus fabric printer. In the materials science testing lab, they will test fabric properties using lab equipment to answer the question of which fabric is the best fit for their design. After processing, they will get to cut and sew a skirt or shorts from their printed fabric. The final day includes a runway show of all designs and an open house for friends and family.


UNI also holds a marching band clinic for high school band students interested in becoming a:

  • Drum Major: focus on basics and advanced conducting as well as marching fundamental commands and leadership skills

  • Colorguard: focus on beginning and advanced basics, tosses, marching and movement

  • Leadership for Section Leaders: focus of understanding many different types of leadership styles and identifying which style best represents you and your band program


All of UNI’s summer camps can be found at https://camps.uni.edu/.