UNI - Creating Pathways for Success

In response to demand and interest from numerous community colleges and local, state and federal agencies, UNI has begun offering Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degrees. These degrees create a pathway for professional advancement or promotion. They offer students who have completed an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree a way to complete a four-year degree in a timely manner, as UNI’s BAS programs are specifically designed for AAS graduates of career and technical programs from community colleges.

Creating Pathways for Success

UNI offers four BAS programs:

“The response and feedback from community college partners has been tremendously positive. For years, Iowa students with an AAS degree in a technology-based field have been looking for an in-state solution to obtaining a four-year degree,” said Chris Shaw, academic adviser.

These BAS degrees are offered entirely online, and students who have AAS degrees can earn their bachelor's degree while they continue to work and live in their current communities. These programs also build on community college AAS degree programs that allow students to complete a four-year degree in a timely manner. These programs will help produce more highly qualified employees in Iowa's workforce.