UNI collaborations bring ideas to life

Panther Caucus

UNI is deeply invested in the people, industries and communities we serve. Our faculty and staff engage communities across Iowa to address needs and support Iowa's economic and workforce vitality for generations to come.

One of the ways faculty and staff bring their ideas to life is through Connexus-an annual event during which UNI researchers, entrepreneurs and scholars are matched with conversation partners for the goal of identifying opportunities for joint research and scholarship.

Connecting researchers and scholars across UNI enhances creativity, fosters innovation and leads to collaborative approaches to address complex problems. These ideas and collaborations often translate to projects that enhance quality of life and contribute to economic development across Iowa.

Connexus also supports UNI's intentional focus on providing students with rigorous learning experiences. UNI faculty integrate their expertise into the classroom to provide students with dynamic learning experiences, meaningful community engagement projects, and opportunities to develop technical skills in laboratories and other on-campus research settings. In addition to the benefits provided across the state, these unique learning experiences also equip students with the skills they need to achieve their academic, personal and professional life goals.

“Connexus is a cornerstone of UNI's research and scholarship development approach,” says Tolif Hunt, director of Research and Sponsored Programs. “In one event, we are able to create research collaborations, inspire new ideas and pair researchers with people they should know on campus.”

This year's event drew 49 participants from 30 different departments across campus, providing hundreds of conversations between researchers and scholars at UNI.