UNI Alumni Class of 2021

UNI Alumni Class of 2021

UNI Graduation Ceremony

“It's now my privilege to be able to honor you and congratulate you as our most recent graduates, and our newest alums at the University of

Northern Iowa,” said UNI President Mark A. Nook this past weekend as an additional 1,500 students became UNI alums at the in-person and virtual graduation ceremonies. 

In his commencement remarks, President Nook reminded the graduates that they were the first class he met when he arrived as president in 2017. He attended freshman orientation and asked the first-year students to plan to meet him at commencement in four years. 


“Thank you for keeping that date and being here today,” he said to applause. “You didn’t let COVID beat you. You’ve made it to this point - congratulations.”


Nook also recognized military veterans and student winners of the Lux Service Award.