Students discover how personal values influence financial decisions, life satisfaction

UNI Students

College years offer students an opportunity to consider their own personal values and design the lives that they will live for the next 60+ years. A new, non-credit course, Enhance Your College Experience, will provide a focused opportunity open to all UNI students to discuss: What do I stand for? Who and what influenced my values? Do my priorities match my present actions?

Offered through the UNI Center for Energy & Environmental Education, participants will discuss life satisfaction, their passions and begin to create a vision for who they want to be when they graduate from UNI. They will consider how their priorities influence their financial decisions and discover the impact of their spending on life satisfaction. This course is offered in partnership with the UNI Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships' Live Like a Student program.

UNI students want to learn more about financial responsibility. This fun, interactive course will help students see if their values and passions match their current daily activities. Students will begin making their own plan to better match values, priorities, financial decisions and their time.

Course instructors, Susan Salterberg and Carole Yates, hope students will discover what is really important to them. “We've learned that for most of us, relationships and experiences are what's important. We want to appeal to students' self-interest as they think about their quality of life and financial responsibility.”

Two sessions are offered fall 2016 semester twice a week starting Sept. 12 and also Oct. 31.


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Paid internships ($10/hr) will be available for several students to work on community-based projects that promote the course ideas.

Enhance Your College Experience is funded in part by the UNI Conservation Corps and the Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust. Find more information at the CEEE website.

Did You Know

Did You Know?

How much does that $60 pair of jeans really cost in terms of your time working? Knowing your “real hourly wage” will help you make better decisions.