Governor recommends additional funding for Iowa’s public universities

Governor recommends additional funding for Iowa’s public universities

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Governor Reynolds unveiled her budget proposal Tuesday evening. She is recommending an increase of $15 million to the Board of Regents institutions, which includes the University of Northern Iowa. The distribution of the additional state revenue would be determined by the Board of Regents.

“We look forward to working with Gov. Reynolds and members of the Iowa Legislature during this year's session to continue our commitment to providing the high-quality education our students need to be successful professionals and leaders in Iowa's changing economy, while also ensuring a reasonable, predictable cost of education for Iowa families,” said UNI President Mark Nook. 

UNI is requesting restoration of the $1.5 million from last year’s cut plus $4 million that the university would use to prevent tuition increases for Iowa students in the coming year. Reynolds' budget proposal is the first step in creating the state's budget, but it represents a crucial step in realizing UNI's goal of making the cost of its education predictable for Iowa families and competitive with its peer institutions.

With the budget now moving to the legislature, UNI will continue to advocate for its requested funds, emphasizing its importance to providing affordable, high-quality education and training the next generation of Iowa workers who will continue to build a vibrant economy in the state.

Additional information can be found in Governor Reynold’s Budget brief and Governor Reynold’s Budget book.