A Day of Theater, a Lifetime of Creativity

The Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center (GBPAC) does much more than provide great entertainment for the Cedar Valley. Hosting more than 300 performances each year, the GBPAC showcases the world's finest artists, ensembles of the UNI School of Music, the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Symphony and many other regional events.Through its internationally acclaimed artists, the GBPAC is able to bring people together, promoting a neighborhood and cultural diversity, through education, entertaining and engaging shows.

Panther Caucus, University of Northern Iowa

The GBPAC Kaleidoscope Series has served 56% of Iowa's counties providing the opportunity for kids across the state to experience the arts. Over 500,000 kids have participated and attended a Kaleidoscope Series at the University of Northern Iowa. Through funding and donations, the Kaleidoscope Series is able to offer $1 tickets to students and children. The program shares various educational programs that broaden youth’s understanding and participation in the arts among communities throughout Iowa and serves the center's mission-to simply inspire.

Panther Caucus, University of Northern Iowa

The arts in general, and Gallagher Bluedorn in specific, has an impact that not only reaches our campus community but far beyond the Cedar Valley. It truly brings pride and joy to all ages who attend, improving the community and image status of the Cedar Valley. Through the annual artist series and add-on shows, the community norms such a diversity, tolerance and free expression hold positive examples to all, whether is be educational, spiritual or just simply fun entertainment.

For more information on the Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center, the 2017-18 artist series, and Kaleidoscope Series, please visit their website at www.gbpac.com.