Community involvement proves to be invaluable for local UNI alumnus

Spoked wheels keep on turning, and UNI alumnus Brent Johnson is making sure they continue to do so in the Cedar Valley.

Brent JohnsonAfter being involved with bikes during college at UNI and after, Johnson decided to purchase Bike Tech in 2006. While he didn't take any specific business education classes, he credits UNI with "really broadening my view of how interconnected everything is in the world. No business is successful all by themselves, so having the knowledge to work with others in the community and beyond has been invaluable."

Those lessons have clearly paid off, as Bike Tech has been ranked as one of America's best bike shops in 2014 and 2015 by the National Bicycle Dealer’s Association. The shop has also grown substantially over the last 10 years, including moving to a nationally registered historic post office and tripling their space. The renovation and remodeling process of the nearly century-old building was a unique community project and has won various awards.

Johnson continues to work with the community to give back, including assisting with bike safety training at local schools. But one of Johnson's favorite things about being a business owner in the Cedar Valley is the Cedar Valley itself. It is a "great community, vibrant university atmosphere, thriving, revitalized downtown and commercial districts, AND lots of places to ride your bike."

When asked how Bike Tech assists riders on RAGBRAI, Johnson said, "In the weeks and months leading up to and until that final week in July, we are busy servicing and accessorizing our customer's bikes from open to close on most days." While Bike Tech is not officially on the ride, you may catch a glimpse of Johnson with fellow UNI alumnus and owner of Spoken Wheel Cyclery, Tyler Duit.