Celebrating our graduating Panthers

The University of Northern Iowa congratulates the graduating class of 2017!
More than 2,000 graduates are joining 119,000+ UNI alumni across the country and around the world. Meet some of our recent grads who will be moving on to great things!


Council Bluffs, Iowa
Secondary math education

Alec will pursue a Master's of Science in Sports Business, with an emphasis in analytics, at Temple University.

"Because of my teaching major, I was able to spend a lot of time in middle and high school classrooms to learn and get a good feel for all that teaching entails.  This opened my eyes a lot, and I will always remember my experiences in the classroom."


Sumner, Iowa
Master's in counseling

Sunny will move on to a Ph.D. program in counseling at the University of North Texas. Her hope is to be a faculty member at a university where she can educate and supervise future generations of counselors.

"So many faculty, staff and students have been very supportive of me, even [when] I wasn't seeking a degree in their department, in one of their classes or if we just happened to know each through taking a workshop together. They have given me opportunities to be a part of projects and given me experiences I wouldn't have had otherwise."


Cedar Falls, Iowa
Financial management and business economics

Daianera will work as a junior business analyst for Keyot in West Des Moines, Iowa.

"UNI prepared me for life after college by challenging me, pushing me outside of my comfort zone and teaching me to think critically. Employers are looking for students that can think outside of the norm and provide a different set of skills than the average student, which is exactly what UNI has provided me with."


Neenah, Wisconsin
Biology with a chemistry minor

Until enrolling into professional school for a career in healthcare, Jill will return to Wisconsin to continue working with surgical and orthopedic patients in the hospital and participate in global health initiatives and service work.

"UNI offered me the opportunity to pursue my academic interests while pursuing my desire to be a Division 1 collegiate swimmer. I had many schools to choose from, but UNI's size and campus appealed to me. The support I felt from my swim coach and the team made a positive impression. I knew I could be a successful student and an accomplished athlete as a Panther."