University Base Operations

To invest in UNI is to invest in Iowa, our students and our future.

The Board of Regents proposed a two-year appropriations and tuition plan at its September 7-8 meeting. The budget plan includes a 2% inflationary increase (and an additional $2.5 million for UNI in the first year) in state appropriations as well as a 2% increase in resident undergraduate tuition rates for each year. The multi-year plan is dynamic, since first-year outcomes may impact the second year of the plan. 

The multi-year budgeting plan is designed to provide predictability to students and families. With the new model, families will know tuition rates well in advance, the state legislature will have Regents budget requests over two years and the universities will be able to budget across multiple years.

Eighty nine percent of UNI students are Iowa residents requiring UNI to rely more heavily on state funding. State appropriations account for 54% of UNI’s total operating budget while tuition revenues account for 45%.

UNI’s total FY 2018 request is $101.5 million, an increase of $4.4 million from FY 2017 (4.6% increase). The request includes the 2% across the board increase ($1.9 million) plus the $2.5 million appropriation for strategic investments. These investments will change UNI’s business model, increasing enrollment and proportion of non-resident students and maintaining or increasing outstanding work with retention, persistence, graduation, and workforce development.

Additionally, UNI’s goal is for every UNI student to engage in high-impact learning that transcends the classroom and explicitly highlights the synergy between the curriculum and co- and extra-curricular activities in order to prepare them for professional careers, civic engagement, and lifelong learning. The funds requested will allow UNI to be more intentional and systematic in offering a wide array of integrative learning experiences, ranging from active learning in the classroom, through internships, student employment, undergraduate research, study abroad and community engagement.

UNI will utilize the requested $4.4 million to support the following strategic uses:

  • Enrollment Management. This includes re-structuring of the University Enrollment Master Plan and associated committees to more efficiently determine both enrollment targets and strategic investments in the recruiting process.  There will be a focus on increasing enrollment and a higher portion of non-resident students.

  • Student Engagement and Success. New funding will be directed to student success coaching, peer mentors and first year only courses to increase retention. The Engage Learning Project will connect curriculum and co- and extra-curricular activities to provide applied learning experiences that are both intentional and developmental.

  • Faculty and Staff Vitality. A strong faculty and staff increase the vitality of the campus and thus is the cornerstone to our success.  The goal is to invest in our campus in ways that recognize and reward excellence and offer opportunities for continued professional development.

While UNI remains committed to its history in teacher education, the impact of UNI extends well beyond these roots. Excellent programs in business, social and behavioral sciences, humanities, arts and natural sciences prepare students to work and contribute in every employment sector across Iowa and provide a meaningful contribution to the state. While UNI’s core focus remains undergraduate education, the university also provides strong graduate programs that continue to attract students in all stages of life. Many UNI programs achieve state, national and international acclaim. Examples include communication disorders and speech pathology which routinely have waiting lists for acceptance, outstanding business education including a national renown accounting program, biology and biochemistry which have high placement rates in graduate programs and medical school, statewide leadership in STEM education, and excellent music programs including jazz studies.

UNI offers 90+ majors, uses full-time faculty in the classroom, gives students the opportunity to explore a variety of interests and prepares them for success after college.

  • 450+ new teachers graduate from UNI each year, making UNI’s teacher education program the largest in Iowa.

  • UNI’s College of Business Administration is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International) – a distinction earned by fewer than five percent of business schools worldwide. AACSB International accredits the world’s best business schools across 52 countries and territories.

  • UNI students have hands-on experiences needed to be valuable employees from day one. Seventy five percent of UNI students participate in experiential education, whether completing an internship, research, student teaching or studying abroad.

  • Ninety six percent of UNI graduates are employed or continuing their education after graduation.

  • When UNI students graduate, they owe less money than students who graduate from almost all four-year institutions in Iowa. Eighty-eight percent of all UNI students receive financial aid.