Recycling and Reuse Center

The FY 2018 request is $178,761, which is a 2% ($3,505) inflationary increase from FY 2017. 

UNI’s Recycling and Reuse Technology Transfer Center (RRTTC) was statutorily created in 1992 (Iowa Code Chapter 268) to provide research, education and outreach to Iowa citizens, business and industry focusing on economic approaches to solving solid waste problems and serving the community with environmental education and outreach program. Iowa communities and citizens continue to place a high value on protecting and properly stewarding natural resources, minimizing waste and educating citizens on opportunities to reduce waste and improve the environment.

The Center provides applied sustainability research that has resulted in community outreach, patent applications and support for green business enterprises. Through the RRTTC’s project reports, articles and outreach to business, industry, communities and citizens, the Center reaches several thousand individuals each year. The funding also supports student interns on projects concerning sustainability, recycling, solid waste management and their influence on health and water quality, and other related issues.

The current funding level allows the Center to respond to only about 20% of its calls for research proposals, and outreach activities have been limited. Increased support for RRTTC is needed in order to be able to respond to a greater portion of requests.

RRTTC is an interdisciplinary research, education and outreach center serving Regents universities, researchers and students, Iowa citizens, business and industry. Its projects involve education, outreach, and research activities focusing on  economic approaches to solving  solid waste problems, providing research and technical assistance on public health concerns as they relate to  waste concerns and serving the community with environmental education and outreach programs designed to explore and strengthen community environmental resiliency. 

More information about the Center can be found here.